Wi-care Expert remote analysis kit is available

Use Wi-care Flexible troubleshooting equipment !

Wi-care expert remote analysis kit is a new Tool for a service company.

The aim of Wi-care expertise kit is to allow you install quickly and easily a wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system to monitor a particular Fault. The kit is composed of one gateway, one range extender and 4 complete vib/temp monitor (sensors+transmitters). As an option, you can receive with the kit a wireless speed sensor. Each monitor is supplied with a ultra strong magnet, powerful enough to ensure the sensor will remain attached securely on the equipment. As previously claimed your monitoring system is installed in a minute !

No configuration is required, on each monitor (4x) of your expertise kit is an external magnetic switch, just activate the switch and data acquisition commences. Reinsertion of the magnet when the expertise kit is not on duty will save the battery.

The expertise kit is delivered with a standard 3 G ready connection, you don’t even have to annoy the IT department on site for an ethernet connection, the data is already visible on the web platform. Data analysis can further be enhanced by modifying the spectra collection parameters via the web platform and your data acquisition strategy locally.

No Internet connection? No problem ! The Wi-care expertise kit will record over 30 days of data on a stand alone installation.

Wi-care expertise kit is installed in a resistant polymer case ensuring safe transportation of the system. The case is designed to be set on site and is designed to ensure fast installation.


WiCare expertise kit1

WiCare expertise kit2

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