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Wi-care website available in french

thumb wicare-site francais-comprimeWi-care better understanding in your own language  


French speakers can now have a complete and total understanding of Wi-care wireless vibration and temperature system by visiting our French website. : www.wirelessvibration.fr

You will find a complete system description including pictures,videos, testimonials and case studies.

Wi-care Expert remote analysis kit is available

expertise kit1Use Wi-care Flexible troubleshooting equipment !

Wi-care expert remote analysis kit is a new Tool for a service company.

The aim of Wi-care expertise kit is to allow you install quickly and easily a wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system to monitor a particular Fault. The kit is composed of one gateway, one range extender and 4 complete vib/temp monitor (sensors+transmitters). As an option, you can receive with the kit a wireless speed sensor. Each monitor is supplied with a ultra strong magnet, powerful enough to ensure the sensor will remain attached securely on the equipment. As previously claimed your monitoring system is installed in a minute !

Customize your Wi-care !

thumb customize your wi-careYou can have your own branding on Wi-care transmitter

 I-Care is proud to announce more flexible marketing of Wi-care product.

Inside a distribution process, in order to allow you a better branding of your company at customer site, Wi-care style can be customized. From now on, the general color and the logo on the top of Wi-care transmitters can be adapted to reflect your company image. Imagine walking at your customer site and seeing a colony of Wi-care protective mushrooms growing on every critical machinery... They will show your colors and logo ensuring a perfect representation of your activity.

Wi-care Gateway's new design

thumb gatewayOur Gateway has now a bigger touchscreen

 Our Wi-care gateway received a bigger touchscreen increasing the conviviality and data analysis on field.

We’re happy to announce that the new screen of our gateway allows you to easily navigate inside the vibration and temperature data from the system by a simple finger touch on the screen.

New design for Wi-care Range extender

thumb range extenderOur range extender is now looking as cool as our transmitter…

Our range extender is now integrated into the global, lean design of Wi-care products. We’re happy to announce that the previous classic white box shape of the transmitter has been replaced by our cubic Wi-care modern shape.

Découvrez le Wi-care à notre journée technique du 20 mai 2014 à Lyon

Présentation de Wi-care à Lyon

A l'occasion de cet évènement, nous aurons le plaisir de vous présenter notre système de suivi vibratoire sans fil, et vous pourrez découvrir les performances du Wi-care en live.

Suite au succès des éditions belges, I-care, leader européen en fiabilité et maintenance prédictive, vous invite à sa journée technique à Lyon. Vous repartirez avec des outils concrets vous permettant de mettre en place et/ou d’optimiser votre plan de maintenance grâce aux retours d’expérience de nos collaborateurs.

Wi-Care discovering at Lyon Technical day 20 May 2014

Have a closer look at Wi-care

Following the unprecedented success of similar event in Belgium, I-Care SAS is proud to announce its technical day taking place in Lyon the 20thMay 2014. The day will be split into 2 main topics:

  1. Condition based maintenance (CBM) techniques and methodology.
  2. Maintenance plan optimization.

Distributors wanted

You like our wireless system; you believe your customers will be also enthusiastic.  I invite you to join our team to develop your activity via the Wi-care system.
Join the I-CARE growing network by answering our research for durable sales partnership over Europe, Africa, Asia and USA.
Send me an email at
Nicolas Bleret, I-care, Belgium
Business Development director